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Our thanks and appreciation!

To honour your contributions and as a means of our deep apprecation we offer you:

  • Full board: daily varied meals from our catering-partners
  • Clothing in event-design with recognition value
  • Free admission to all side-events, e.g. the big riders-party
  • Free admission to all competitions
  • Letter of recommendation for your further professional career or for your curriculum    vitae upon request
  • Two train-tickets (ÖBB-Austrian Railways) for your journey and departure
  • Free camping



We will be happy to assist you with any further questions.
+43 (0)6582/79712

With sporty regards from Saalfelden Leogang



Worldcup Weekend 10.-13. June

3 nights from € 110,50

OutofBounds Weekend 16.-19. June

4 nights from € 114,50

Whole Festival 11.-19. June

8 nights from € 222,00
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Wetter in Leogang

  • Datum 20.01.2021
    Tag Wed
    Wetterlage sonnig
    Temperatur 3°C
    Windrichtung WNW
    Windgeschwindigkeit 1 km/h
  • Datum 20.01.
    Tag Wed
    Wetterlage wolkig
    Temperatur 2°C
    Windrichtung W
    Windgeschwindigkeit 2 km/h
  • Datum 21.01.
    Tag Thu
    Wetterlage heiter
    Temperatur 6°C
    Windrichtung SSW
    Windgeschwindigkeit 3 km/h
  • Datum 22.01.
    Tag Fri
    Wetterlage stark bewölkt
    Temperatur 6°C
    Windrichtung ONO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 6 km/h
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