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Children under 15 are free. From 16 years the normal prices should be paid.

Online Event Management mit Ticketing Lösung von amiando

Information of the organiser

Purchased tickets will neither be taken back nor exchanged. They will not be refunded. In case of program changes the ticket will neither be taken back nor will the ticket price be refunded. The visitor accepts the house rules by entering the area of the event the visitor. It is forbidden to bring sticks, pyrotechnic articles and other dangerous objects, as well as glasses, bottles, cans and beverages to the event premises. It is forbidden without exception to bring dogs or any kind of other pets.

In the case of TV-recordings, the ticket owners give their approval to the broadcasting TV-station to utilize any of its recordings made during or in connection with the event without any financial compensation, any limit in time or space, and by processing the recordings with any technical procedure available in the present or in the future.

Please note that the use of the cable car is not included in the ticket price.

Due to the rough terrain of the event premises, the organizer will not guarantee against any accidents.



Worldcup Weekend 10.-13. June

3 nights from € 110,50

OutofBounds Weekend 16.-19. June

4 nights from € 114,50

Whole Festival 11.-19. June

8 nights from € 222,00
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Wetter in Leogang

  • Datum 23.10.2020
    Tag Fri
    Wetterlage bedeckt
    Temperatur 6°C
    Windrichtung ONO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 2 km/h
  • Datum 23.10.
    Tag Fri
    Wetterlage stark bewölkt
    Temperatur 21°C
    Windrichtung SSO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 2 km/h
  • Datum 24.10.
    Tag Sat
    Wetterlage leichter Regen
    Temperatur 14°C
    Windrichtung S
    Windgeschwindigkeit 2 km/h
  • Datum 25.10.
    Tag Sun
    Wetterlage heiter
    Temperatur 14°C
    Windrichtung SSO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 6 km/h
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