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Expo Area

The bike expo within the framework of the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, offers an exclusive view behind the scenes of professional mountain biking. Here, you can watch how the contestants prepare for the race, observe the work of the mechanics and obtain interesting insights into the racing program and procedure of an international competition. Certainly, you also have the possibility to buy various accessories and maybe even the latest racing bike.

True to the motto “friendliness pays off”, every visitor is welcome to politely ask for additional insights.

Opening times


Wednesday, 29th August Installation/arrival 8am – 6pm
Thursday, 30th August Installation/arrival 8am – 6pm

Visitor days:

Friday, 31th August 8am – 7pm
Saturday, 1st September 8am – 8pm
Sunday, 2nd September 8am – 6pm


Monday, 3rd September move from Leogang to Saalfelden 8am – 6pm
Tuesday, 4th September Installation/arrival 8am – 6pm
Wednesday, 5th September Installation/arrival 8am – 6pm

Visitor days:

Thursday, 6th September 8am – 6pm
Friday, 7th September 8am – 6pm
Saturday, 8th September 8am – 6pm
Sunday, 9th September 12am – 6pm

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Map / Directions Leogang

Map / Directions Saalfelden



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OutofBounds Weekend 16.-19. June

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Whole Festival 11.-19. June

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Wetter in Leogang

  • Datum 28.10.2021
    Tag Thu
    Wetterlage sonnig
    Temperatur 8°C
    Windrichtung O
    Windgeschwindigkeit 1 km/h
  • Datum 28.10.
    Tag Thu
    Wetterlage sonnig
    Temperatur 14°C
    Windrichtung OSO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 3 km/h
  • Datum 29.10.
    Tag Fri
    Wetterlage wolkig
    Temperatur 21°C
    Windrichtung SO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 6 km/h
  • Datum 30.10.
    Tag Sat
    Wetterlage wolkig
    Temperatur 16°C
    Windrichtung SSO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 8 km/h
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