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Cross Country Eliminator

At the cross-country eliminator race four riders start in a row. In this discipline, elements from both four-cross (4X) and cross-country (XCO) are combined.

Only the two fastest athletes make it to the next round and only one becomes world champion in the finale. It is the first time that medals will be awarded in this discipline.

To win on the 600 m course through the town centre of Saalfelden the athlete needs stamina and perseverance. Position fights through the narrow streets, jumps over stairs and head-to-head combats will dominate this spectacle at the close of the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships.

Click here for live stream broadcast on race day.

UCI MTB World Championship XCE - Sun 9th Sept @ 13:00 CET




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Wetter in Leogang

  • Datum 30.10.2020
    Tag Fri
    Wetterlage leicht bewölkt
    Temperatur 7°C
    Windrichtung SW
    Windgeschwindigkeit 2 km/h
  • Datum 30.10.
    Tag Fri
    Wetterlage wolkig
    Temperatur 10°C
    Windrichtung SW
    Windgeschwindigkeit 3 km/h
  • Datum 31.10.
    Tag Sat
    Wetterlage wolkig
    Temperatur 20°C
    Windrichtung SSO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 2 km/h
  • Datum 01.11.
    Tag Sun
    Wetterlage bedeckt
    Temperatur 16°C
    Windrichtung W
    Windgeschwindigkeit 3 km/h
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