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Bikepark Leogang

The Bikepark Leogang, in the heart of Salzburg, is famous for its large number of events, such as the UCI MTB World Cup and the 26TRIX contest. The bike park stands for an exhaustive offer for bikers, young and old alike, professionals as well as hobby bikers, pleasure bikers, who want to experience the numerous mountain bike tours, or the downhill crack bikers looking for an adrenalin kick.

The cable railway, which can hold up to 8 people at a time, transports all bikers to the starting point of the park, where they can race down into the valley on different downhill tracks.

  • Flow Master (huge dirt jump park)
  • Bongo Bongo (free ride track including North shore elements)
  • Speedster (technically highly challenging downhill track)
  • Flying Gangster (free ride track with a lot of flow and big jumps)
  • Terminator (dual slalom course with two parallel tracks)
  • Lumberjack Trail (North shore track, divided into different lines)
  • Hang Man (single trail)
  • 4-Cross Track (downhill track including different jumps, doubles and sharp turns)
  • Mini Kids Bikepark (area for beginners to gain a first experience)

In the past couple years, the Bikepark Leogang, which is equally popular among amateurs and professionals, has become the number one in Europe. The park offers numerous great opportunities for free riders, downhillers and single trail riders to spend a thrilling, exciting and fun day. This summer, Leogang increasingly concentrates on talented junior bikers and managed to combine fun and a family friendly surrounding with its Kids Mini Bikepark, where young bike fans can follow their idols’ footsteps.

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Worldcup Weekend 10.-13. June

3 nights from € 110,50

OutofBounds Weekend 16.-19. June

4 nights from € 114,50

Whole Festival 11.-19. June

8 nights from € 222,00
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Wetter in Leogang

  • Datum 16.01.2021
    Tag Sat
    Wetterlage leichter Schneefall
    Temperatur -4°C
    Windrichtung WSW
    Windgeschwindigkeit 4 km/h
  • Datum 16.01.
    Tag Sat
    Wetterlage stark bewölkt
    Temperatur -4°C
    Windrichtung SW
    Windgeschwindigkeit 4 km/h
  • Datum 17.01.
    Tag Sun
    Wetterlage leichter Schneefall
    Temperatur -3°C
    Windrichtung SW
    Windgeschwindigkeit 2 km/h
  • Datum 18.01.
    Tag Mon
    Wetterlage leichter Schneefall
    Temperatur -2°C
    Windrichtung WSW
    Windgeschwindigkeit 5 km/h
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