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Photo Download

Download instructions

  1. change in the gallery to fullscreen mode
  2. select Photo with forward or backward
  3. at your prefered photo click "Info Anzeigen"
  4. click on the name of the Photo
  5. The photo will open in a new window or tab
  6. in the new window, click "Aktionen" click "alle Größen anzeigen"
  7. select desired resolution
  8. right click "Save Image As" to save the image you want in the desired resolution
    "dieses Foto im orginal herunterladen" or store photo

Alternatively, the photos can be selected within Flickr!



Worldcup Weekend 10.-13. June

3 nights from € 110,50

OutofBounds Weekend 16.-19. June

4 nights from € 114,50

Whole Festival 11.-19. June

8 nights from € 222,00
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Wetter in Leogang

  • Datum 23.10.2020
    Tag Fri
    Wetterlage wolkig
    Temperatur 6°C
    Windrichtung W
    Windgeschwindigkeit 1 km/h
  • Datum 23.10.
    Tag Fri
    Wetterlage stark bewölkt
    Temperatur 21°C
    Windrichtung SSO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 2 km/h
  • Datum 24.10.
    Tag Sat
    Wetterlage leichter Regen
    Temperatur 14°C
    Windrichtung S
    Windgeschwindigkeit 2 km/h
  • Datum 25.10.
    Tag Sun
    Wetterlage heiter
    Temperatur 14°C
    Windrichtung SSO
    Windgeschwindigkeit 6 km/h
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